Microsoft Excel Workshops

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application and one of the most popular software applications used in corporations.  A sound knowledge of Excel is an investment in your personal and professional life. 


Knowing your way around Excel makes it possible to organize and calculate data, create amazing reports and summarize large volumes of data, leading to effectiveness in your job.  This opens up more opportunities for employment and career advancement.


Our Microsoft Excel workshops provide participants with practical, hands-on experience in an environment of participation and collaboration.  These workshops are tailored to your industry and skill level.


Whether you're a beginner or you're looking to expand your knowledge with advanced level courses, we've got you covered.  Get started today!


Our workshops are offered by a Microsoft-certified business professional with over 15 years international work experience.



Excel is the primary software used in Financial Institutions globally.  Almost all roles in banks use Excel to crunch numbers for analysis and presentations.  

Our workshops will empower you to perform your month-end reconciliations and other banking functions efficiently and effortlessly.  


Professionals in Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Government, Manufacturing, Utilities etc. all use Excel for their day-to-day functions.  

We provide workshops and coaching sessions tailored specific to your industry, which will enable you to automate your current tasks and increase your productivity.


Make your CV / resumé stand out from the crowd!

Be prepared for the work force with a solid proficency in manipulating numbers and creating spreadsheets that will wow your boss.

ExcelForBankers will ensure that you begin your career with a certificate in spreadsheet-o-logy

Improve Your Career Skills Today By Getting MORE Done in Less Time

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