Excel Consulting

We offer consultancy services for a variety of operational and analytical work.

Almost all companies use Microsoft Excel for their day-to-day tasks; as such we are able to provide spreadsheet solutions on a stand-alone basis or in combination with your existing systems

Case Studies

Client: Shipping / Freight Forwarding


The Problem

The client maintains his customer list and shipping container information in separate MS Word files.  


The client would like a database solution to enable tracking of his customers and shipped items.  The client also wants to track how much customers have paid and what amounts are outstanding.



The Solution (in progress)

A database solution in MS Excel is being built.

This involves building an input screen for the client to enter Customer and Recipient details, items being shipped and the container number.

When this solution is complete, the client will have all the customer and shipping data at his fingertips.  No more papers being filed.

Client: Banking


The Problem

Employees did their budgeting and forecasting manually in Excel and Word


The client requested a solution which would consolidate all the financials from the various groups and summarise the results in a master dashboard






The Solution

We developed an application called eBudget.


An input form was created which collected all the necessary budgeting information (cost center, fiscal year, item description, cost etc). The data was uploaded into a master database built in MS Access.  The analysts were able to retrieve and parse the data to create executive summary reports.


A further development of the solution was to move the application online which enabled managers to perform their planning and budgeting exercises.  

Client: Telecommunications


The Problem

The client needed a summary of a large volume of data.  


The data was downloaded from several sources and needed to be combined in one file and formatted for readability.






The Solution

We developed a macro to reduce the cycle time from 4 hours to 30 seconds!  

Yes, 30 seconds.


The macro went through all the worksheets and formatted the text and date fields in the various columns for consistency.  It then consolidated all the data in one worksheet and summaried all the required information in a one-page dashboard.

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