Our Workshops cover the many features of Microsoft Excel and teach you how to get the most of them.


We start with the most simple and work our way to more complicated functions.


By learning how to navigate the program and where to find each feature, operating Excel will become a breeze.


We offer training in the following formats:

1. Full-day workshops

2. Corporate Coaching Sessions (evenings)

3. Mini-sessions focusing on specific MS Excel topics (Macros, Graphing, Pivot Tables..) 

4. Webinars (coming soon)


If you are not sure which course is appropriate for you, contact us to discuss your needs and we will recommend the course(s) that will get you where you want to be.   


Listed below are the Excel workshops we offer currently.

Introduction to Excel

Who Needs This

This is for users with little to no knowledge of Excel.

What You Will Learn

Get familiar with the Excel interface

Basic workbook skills

Creating and entering data into a spreadsheet

Copying and moving data

Managing worksheets

Formatting worksheets and cells


The Benefits of This Workshop

You will gain exposure to Microsoft Excel

You will be able to create a new spreadhseet and navigate Excel with confidence

You will be able to format a worksheet and make it look presentable

You will learn various shortcuts

Intermediate Excel

Who Needs This

For those who have used Excel before and want to expand on their knowledge

Improve your skills in formatting data, highlighting key information and creating formulas and links between worksheets

What You Will Learn

Working with multiple worksheets and workbooks

Working with dates

Conditional formulas and formatting

Working with charts and graphs

Documenting and auditing

Using templates


The Benefits of This Workshop

You will quickly summarise multiple sheets of data into one sheet

You will summarize long lists and reports into easy to read tables

You will write formulas to check whether cells pass or fail your rules

You will know how to create links between cells so that they all update automatically

You will highlight data trends, duplicates and errors with the Conditional Formatting tool

Advanced Excel

Who Needs This

For those with a good working knowledge of Excel who wish to progress to more complicated functions and features

What You Will Learn

Logical functions - IF, AND, OR statements

Working with Lookups

Working with Macros

Data Validation

Database functions

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

The Benefits of This Workshop

You will have a complete understanding of Microsoft Excel

You will know how to create a dashboard outlining Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

You will be able to create macros that can reduce your work time from hours...to minutes

You will be able to manipulate data using Pivot Tables

You will be able to perform advanced calculations - SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF, DCOUNT etc

Our Excel Solutions enable you to automate your manual tasks.  

We use MS Excel to help you simplify your work, enabling you to be more efficient.


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